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SuperDeker is an advanced hockey training system for players of all ages and skills.

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“My son Jakob and I got the Superdeker at Christmas 2017 and within 1 month of using the SuperDeker his score doubled.  Within 3 months he was in the hunt for the top scores on the Worldwide Leaderboard.  The SuperDeker is not only fun it forces the user to react quicker, as a result, faster hands and confidence handling the puck. In a short time, I know it has improved Jakob’s stickhandling on the ice.”
– Jakob Pugliese


“My 9 year old son loves this!! Very addictive!! He plays everyday to warm up for his Atom AA hockey games. He brought it to a team practice and his entire team loved it too. Even his coach thought it was great!”
– Ally Stern


“High quality! Works awesome. Easy enough for my 3 year old to use it. Very easy to set up.”
– Joe Castle


“Awesome product, great customer service, quick response. This really improved my sons game and my game. This is a must for all hockey players. Worth every penny.”
– Denis Frappier

“I have noticed a tremendous translation between our performance on the SD and our on-ice games. Reacting to the lights on the SuperDeker forces you to execute unplanned movements, quickly, and when you hit the ice those new movement patterns stay with you and translate to quicker and more controlled reactions when things go wrong, or when an opening unexpectedly pops up.  This is by far the best training aid we’ve ever used and we pretty much have them all.”
Chris Civiero


“My son has not stopped since we got it ! All I hear is the clack clack and beeping! Love it!”
– Doula Liza Jane


“We LOVE our SuperDeker! My kids have a blast, and don’t even realize they are working on their stick handling!”
– Lindsay Amos

“My son has been using the SuperDeker for a few months now and the improvement was nearly instant. When we received the product he was in the low 20’s and now after a few months he is consistently in the high 50’s and increasing his speed every week. The change was also noticeable on the ice by the second week you could see the extra confidence in his stick handling and that he was smoother with the puck.”
– Chris Lowther


“My 7 year old son absolutely loves this. He plays a ton and is always trying to beat his top score. It has been a very helpful training tool for him.”
– Bobby DeKleine


“I got SuperDeker for my son last Christmas. He absolutely loves it! These guys have done a great job of taking a seriously valuable training tool and making it so fun that kids don’t want to stop playing with it.”
– Jeff Garnett

3 Ways to Play

SuperDeker has three modes, each to develop the stick handling skills necessary to make you a better hockey player. For a teamwork challenge try playing with 2 players!


Maximize your
stickhandling skills


Advanced training
for top players


Develop fast and
accurate passing

Each game is 45 seconds long just like a pro hockey shift, and just like hockey, you'll never know where you need to pass or stick handle to next.

Advanced Training


Points Name Country Age
99 Chase Nyitray 12 Watch
99 Oliver Morris 11 Watch
97 Ryker Lee 11 Watch
97 Jake Merens 11 Watch
94 Parker Nyitray 11 Watch
91 Brady Hawkins 11 Watch
86 Jakob Pugliese 9 Watch
84 Ty Walker 13 Watch
82 Nik Rossetto 10 Watch
81 Louie Giannattasio 16 Watch
81 Charlie Thomas 10 Watch
80 Grady Sulkin 16 Watch
79 Caden Hunter 16 Watch
79 Daniel Kauber 12 Watch
79 Hockeygod86 10 Watch
Points Name Country Age
84 Kyle Matsubuchi Watch
80 Oliver Morris 11 Watch
78 Jordan Bouckley 13 Watch
77 Chase Nyitray 12 Watch
74 Louie Giannattasio 9 Watch
72 Brady Witkin 11 Watch
71 Vladimir Chakrov 10 Watch
70 Trevor Sedore 35 Watch
70 Brady Witkin 11 Watch
68 Trevor Castino 14 Watch
67 Lucca ori 12 Watch
67 EJ Yedwab 7 Watch
67 Robert DeKleine 8 Watch
66 Jake Herning 13 Watch
65 Enoch Oh 10 Watch
65 Malachi McKinnon 11 Watch
64 Ryan Matsubuchi 8 Watch
64 Oscar Leppänen 15 Watch
63 Lindsay Morin 12 Watch
63 Alvin Elisson 11 Watch
63 Jackson mccoy 9 Watch
63 Matthew Myhalenko 11 Watch
61 Rylan 12 Watch
61 Caden Vogel 11 Watch
61 Will Tucker (Hockeygod86) 10 Watch
61 Samuel Frappier 7 Watch
61 Maverick 7 Watch
61 Quinn Richard 12 Watch
60 Hans Ridlehoover 11 Watch
60 Charlie Thomas 10 Watch
59 Robin Bresolin 15 Watch
59 Kajsa van der Meer 10 Watch
59 Brook O’Bryant 6 Watch
58 Ben Bresolin 12 Watch
58 Anthony Sargo 8 Watch
57 Drew Paulbeck 11 Watch
57 Nate Porter 12 Watch
57 Moose Bi 8 Watch
56 Alex Sargo 8 Watch
56 Ben Barone 8 Watch
56 Bill Tucker 39 Watch
55 Teigue Wagner 9 Watch
55 Elle Perry 11 Watch
54 Dany Papillon 41 Watch
54 Liam Summitt 12 Watch
54 Russell Ranger 9 Watch
54 Aidan Day 9 Watch
54 Jaxon Richard 7 Watch
54 Duncan Murphy 7 Watch
53 Anthony Ankstitus 7 Watch
53 Lucas Grizzanti 8 Watch
52 Bladen Radja 8 Watch
52 TJ Halvorsen 12 Watch
52 Owen Strausbaugh 7 Watch
52 Leo Zolna 9 Watch
52 Skylar Ruschpler(F) 9 Watch
52 Artem Shishkin 6 Watch
51 Liam Atticus 7 Watch
51 Ara 9 Watch
51 Duncan Murphy 7 Watch
50 Matthew cholaj 11 Watch
50 Tony DelCarmine 10 Watch
50 Brian Minor 33 Watch
49 Chase Schulberger 7 Watch
49 Aiden Murphy 6 Watch
48 Noah Keyes 10 Watch
47 Quentin Parks 9 Watch
47 Edouard Ouellet 9 Watch
47 Davis snyder 9 Watch
47 Ryan Stangeland 10 Watch
47 Leo Zolna 9 Watch
46 Carter Schoegler 7 Watch
46 Landen Froud 7 Watch
46 Nicky 9 Watch
46 Leo Zolna 9 Watch
45 Brian Amos 38 Watch
45 Kaden Chakrabarti 10 Watch
45 Levi Paulbeck 8 Watch
44 Rowen Parker 8 Watch
44 Mason McClure 7 Watch
44 Brendan Clemens 9 Watch
44 Gavin Hall 8 Watch
44 Samuel Shulman 8 Watch
44 Taylor Miller 8 Watch
44 Nicole Walsh 12 Watch
44 Nicole Walsh 12 Watch
44 Marshall 5 Watch
42 Jacoby Amos 9 Watch
41 Landon Morin 6 Watch
41 Chester Serkland 9 Watch
40 Finley Brunelle 4 Watch
40 Nick Clemens 11 Watch
40 Bodie Berry 7 Watch
40 Wyatt Lucas 8 Watch
40 Leo Acker 7 Watch
38 Eric Stangeland 8 Watch
37 William Ranger 6 Watch
36 Finley Brunelle 4 Watch
31 Max Thompson 5 Watch
31 Ryan Williams 5 Watch
31 Kennady Conley 7 Watch
31 Kennady Conley 7 Watch
28 Matthew Helwani 7 Watch
28 Kenzie Young 6 Watch
27 William Stangeland 6 Watch
26 Kenzie Young 6 Watch
19 Kingston Carson 6 Watch
18 Ian contant 4 Watch
10 Trystan Carson 4 Watch
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Image of SuperDeker ePuck

ePUCK Sensing Technology

The SuperDeker ePuck is the only puck that works with the SuperDeker system. It’s a regulation weight puck that plays and feels like a real puck!

Image of SuperDeker ePuck

Built-in Score Board With Sound

Select your game, watch the time and go for a high score!

Image of SuperDeker ePuck

Just Like Real Ice!

Low friction polycarbonate surface lets the puck glide. Add the SuperDeker Ice Spray to make it even better.

Image of SuperDeker ePuck

Interlocking Boards for Secure Game Play

Easy Assembly! Just snap the two sides together, plug in the power cable and you're playing hockey! The entire game can be set up in under 10 seconds!

Image of SuperDeker ePuck

High Tension Rebounder Bands

High density silicone rubber bands for rebounding action!


Product Specs

Playing Dimensions
67" long, 28.5" wide, 7/8" thick

Input 100-240 VAC - 50/60 HZ Output: 5V,
1000mA, FCC approved, UL approved

Components Included in Box
1 Ice surface, 1 ePuck, 2 Rebounder Bands,
1 Bottle of Zero-Friction Ice Spray,
1 Power Cable, 1 instruction sheet

Set Up

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