Step Up Your Game

SuperDeker is an advanced hockey training system for players of all ages and skills. As the lights come on, stick handle or pass the puck over the light. You'll score a point on the score board and hear a beep when the puck crosses over the light. The sensor in the ice surface can sense the location of the ePuck!

Pass the puck over the indicator light
Built in Score Board with Sound
Rebounder Bands for Pass Back Action

3 Ways to Play

Each game is 45 seconds long just like a pro hockey shift, and just like hockey, you'll never know where you need to pass or stick handle to next. SuperDeker has three modes, each to develop the stick handling skills necessary to make you a better hockey player. For a teamwork challenge try playing with 2 players!

1. Training: Maximize your stickhandling skills
2. Hot Shot: Advanced training for top players
3. Speed Passing: Develop fast and accurate passing

What You Get

ePUCK Sensing Technology

I am a very simple card. I am good at containing small bits of information. I am convenient because I require little markup to use effectively.

Built-in Score Board with Sound

Select your game, watch the time and go for a high score!

Just Like Real Ice!

Low friction polycarbonate surface lets the puck glide. Add the SuperDeker Ice Spray to make it even better.

High Tension Rebounder Bands

High density silicone rubber bands for rebounding action

Interlocking Boards for Secure Game Play

Easy Assembly! Just snap the two sides together, plug in the power cable and you're playing hockey! The entire game can be set up in under 10 seconds!

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Product Specs

Playing Dimensions: 67" long, 28.5" wide, 7/8" thick

Power: Input 100-240 VAC - 50/60 HZ Output: 5V, 1000mA, FCC approved, UL approved

Components: 1 Ice surface, 1 ePuck, 2 Rebounder Bands, 1 Bottle of Zero-Friction Ice Spray, 1 power Cable, 1 instruction sheet

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